How do you buy or sell shares?

Shares in companies whose shares are listed on a stock exchange can be bought and sold on that stock exchange. Shareholders generally use stockbrokers as their agent to transact the buy or sell order.

Which stock exchange does Geco Chemical trade on?

Geco Chemical trades on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol "LAM".

What do I do if I change my name or get married?

If you hold shares, you will need to provide the appropriate document to our registrar: Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited.

How do I change my address on my share certificate?

Your address does not appear on the certificate (it may appear on the certificate counterfoil, but this is not the certificate itself) and it is not therefore necessary to return the certificate in the event of a change of address. You should however inform our registrar, Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited in writing, of the change.

What should I do if my share certificate is lost or stolen?

You should inform our registrar, Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited in writing of the loss. They will issue you with the appropriate form to enable you to obtain a duplicate.

How can I transfer shares to another member of my family or any other person?

You could contact our registrar, Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited in writing and request a share transfer form. The completed form should be sent to our registrars, Capita Registrars (Jersey) Limited, together with your share certificate at the address given on the form. Please note that Capita Registrars (Jersey) Limited can only process the transfer once the stamp duty has been paid or a valid exemption has been declared on the form.

What happens if a shareholder dies?

You should inform our registrar, Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited, in writing, enclosing the certificates representing the total shareholding, the death certificate if the holding is a joint holding, or, in the case of a sole holding, a sealed copy of the grant of probate or letters of administration. For Scottish residents the equivalent document is a certificate of confirmation.

Alternatively, if probate (or the equivalent) is not being sought due to the small value of the estate, you can apply to use the small estate procedure, providing the total value of the UK estate is under £20,000 and the total value within the estate of shares is under £10,000.

If you require the small estates forms for completion, please contact our registrars, Capita Registrars (Jersey) Limited.

Can I receive shareholder communications electronically?

Yes. In order to register to receive the Company's shareholder publications electronically, you will need to register your email address with our registrars: Capita Registrars (Isle of Man) Limited.

At what level of shareholding do I have to disclose my position?

In accordance with FSA Disclosure and Transparency Rules, as the Company is a non-UK issuer within the meaning of such Rules, all shareholders must notify the Company when they have a shareholding which reaches, exceeds or falls below 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50% and 75% as a result of an acquisition of shares or financial instruments (within the meaning of such Rules). Any transaction that brings a shareholding within these thresholds must be reported to the Company as soon as possible and no later than four trading days following the trade. The Company is required to make public all information contained in such notification.