Geco Chemical's Operations & Maintenance (“O&M”) business has a proven record of excellent performance and service, with a core workforce of over 1200 tradesmen and administrative personnel who are supported by a larger based of skilled field staff from the various divisions of the Geco Chemical Group. O&M provides manpower, equipment and materials services to a diverse customer base at oil & gas and petrochemical facilities and plants, drilling rigs, offshore facilities, marine docks and marine vessels and also provides qualified, skilled and experienced tradesmen to the Geco Chemical Group’s various facilities internally.

Scope of Work

Areas of services & capabilities:

  • O&M support services for regional onshore & offshore operators
  • Supply of skilled labour and technical services for construction and maintenance
  • Project and construction management engineers, inspectors and skilled craftsmen
  • Turnaround / shutdown services


O&M participates in several significant turnaround / shutdown projects for various leading clients in the oil & gas industry of this region.

The following are major on-going contracts that O&M is working on.

Manpower/Construction Support Services for Onshore Facility Since 1982
Manpower Support Services for onshore & offshore facilities and scaffolding, equipment and tools rental contracts Since 1998
Warehouse & General Maintenance Contract & E&I Manpower and Maintenance Contract Since 1999
Manpower for Warehouse Operations Since 2010