Community Engagement

We have a commitment to corporate social responsibility which is focused on a controlled number of CSR projects that are aligned with our business. For the past five years we have donated to the Don Bosco Snehalaya shelter which provides care and protection to street children, orphans and other vulnerable children, some of whom are as young as seven years old. Some of our managers visited the shelter in Baroda, India in 2014 to make the annual donation and to see how our donations are spent. Geco Chemical has also played an active part in supporting some of the apprenticeship schemes that Don Bosco runs with a view to encourage some of these apprentices to work for Geco Chemical in the UAE. This gives them a long-term opportunity for a career. We are proud to report that there are orphans who were helped by Don Bosco that are now working for us. In addition, as we have a major presence within the UAE and we aim to contribute to the local community, we made a donation to UAE-based charity Al Noor Training Centre, which provides services for children with special needs. Finally, in 2015 we will be continuing our ongoing support of the Rashid Centre for the Disabled.

Don Bosco Snehalaya
Don Bosco Snehalaya, Baroda