Principles & Policies

Our commitment to act as a responsible company has long been reflected throughout the entire organisation; the Group has formalised this approach by creating and implementing a set of policies that state the principles on which we seek to manage our operational activities, work with our staff, interact with our communities and minimise our impact on the environment.

Our business requires the highest standards of engineering skill and health, safety and environmental awareness. Our fundamental principle is to carry out these activities in a way that delivers the best possible product to our customers whilst minimising risks and maximising rewards to all of our stakeholders.

Accordingly, when we make our investment and operational decisions, we take account of the social and environmental impacts that they may have and minimising these is a central part of our decision-making process.

As a publicly listed company our aim is to ensure that our reporting meets all the requisite standards. Maintaining our reputation by aligning our commercial goals with our ethical standards is an essential part of achieving this aim.