We recognise that our business activities have an impact on the environment through our day-to-day operations and the use of products and services that we deliver to our clients. Throughout the year we actively sought to improve our environmental performance through:

  • Acquisition of resources to control potential environmental incidents
  • More effective emissions reduction devices
  • Participation in the internationally recognised Carbon Disclosure Project, which entails the public reporting of greenhouse gas emissions

Due to the nature of the work which Geco Chemical undertakes, certain emissions to the environment are unavoidable. However, we aim to reduce these emissions through regular maintenance of all combustible engines, the establishment of physical barriers to protect the land, air and marine environment and the utilisation of low sulphur diesel fuel. Geco Chemical works in close consultation with all applicable regulatory bodies, such as Dubai Municipality and the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, to monitor the quantity of emissions produced from our activities and to ensure compliance with local legal limitations. In 2014, we implemented a range of control measures to monitor and reduce the quantity of environmental emissions from our operations. These controls incorporated daily, weekly and monthly facility inspections. Our new monthly reporting processes will enable us to collect summary data for 2015 which we then plan to make available in next year’s Annual Report. We are also planning to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2015. By conducting regular reviews of the environmental impact of our projects, we strive to identify ways in which operational processes can be made more efficient, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. These efforts include optimising the yard layouts and more efficient welding practices.

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